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Our core values.

Tell us your number one priority for your pool or spa. Is it safety? Is it functionality? Is it aesthetics? Is it a design for fun? Is it creating a relaxed environment?

At Long Island Pool & Spa, we value all of these components and know that each of them are crucial in creating a worry-free oasis. Therefore we have put together a team of professionals to address all of your pool and spa needs. Our team encompasses the best of the best. We have professional electricians, plumbers, landscapers, chemists, safety inspectors, carpenters, masons, lifeguards, even event planners. We train and certify all of our employees to the highest level possible. Together we are your one stop shop to create a pool and spa environment to be proud of.

At Long Island Pool & Spa, we know that your pool is more than just a hole in the ground with some water. It is meant to be a safe haven where you can retreat and feel comfortable. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and your satisfaction.

We never stop training, teaching and learning. Our goal is to always be above and beyond the average pool company. We live and strive by our credo: Professionalism, Safety and Trustworthy.

Professionalism, Safety and Trustworthy

We want to not only provide you with the safest pool experience possible, but we also want to ensure your pool and spa is an oasis of enjoyment for you, your family and your friends!

Our core values are what drives our excellent service and keeps us at the highest level of quality and service.

About Us

  • Long Island Pool & Spa was founded by James Moore more than two decades ago.
  • James was born and raised in eastern Long Island, NY and believes in a community where people are proud of where they live.
  • Since the inception of Long Island Pool and Spa, James expanded his values of family and community to his customers and quickly gained a reputation of being trust-worthy, hard-working, and fair.
  • Dedicating his life to his company and customers, James has incomparable knowledge and professionalism within the industry which serves as the foundation of the deserved trust Long Island Pool and Spa has earned.
  • This trust is a source of great pride at Long Island Pool and Spa and is the basis of our core values. We serve our customers to create for them a worry-free environment of recreation, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Long Island Pool & Spa expertise in the aquatic industry extends to:

  1. Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance
  2. Swimming Pool and Spa Repair and Renovation
  3. Swimming Pool and Spa Construction – New Build
  4. Child safety installations
  5. Outdoor Heating and Cooling
  6. Automatization
  7. Deck and Fence installation
  8. Light Design and Installation
  9. Fountain and Water Features Construction
  10. Playground Design and Installation
  11. Outdoor Heating and Cooling
  12. Direct customer support hotline


Long Island Pool & Spa is deeply committed to being a part of our community and doing our part to make it better. As a professional company, we support various local charities that are in align with our principles and beliefs. If you want to find out more about the charities we support, and how you can help, just contact us.