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Child Safety Equipments

Child Safety Equipments

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5 May

Child Safety Equipments

Child Safe pools and spas

  • Each year, thousands of American families suffer swimming pool tragedies—drownings and near-drownings of young children. The majority of deaths and injuries in pools and spas involve young children ages one to five and occur in residential settings. These tragedies are preventable.
  • Many of the nearly 400 children under five who drown each year in
    privat pools could be saved if homeowners completely fenced in
    pools, installed pool safety covers and installed self-closing and self-latching devices on gates.
  • Anyone who has cared for toddlers knows how fast young children can
    move. Toddlers are inquisitive and impulsive and lack of any realistic sense of
    danger. These behaviors make swimming pools particularly hazardous
    for households with young children.
  • The best way to reduce child drownings in residential pools and spas is to construct and maintain barriers ( fencers, safety covers) that will help to prevent young children from gaining access to pools and spas. And installing pool penetration alarms and motion detectors are a highly recommended secondary safety installation.

Long Island Pool and Spa offers

  1. Quality nationally recognized brand name products
  2. ASTM approved safety fence and gate
  3. Certificated and insured pool technicians
  4. Customer friendly warranty
  5. Excellent customer service
  6. Professional installations
  7. Over twenty years of experience in the industry
  8. Dedication to local and national drowning prevention efforts for children

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