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General Safety

General Safety

Mother and her kid swimming in the pool.
5 May

General Safety

Safety, an often underestimated factor

Is your pool and spa safe? Are you sure? Would you bet your child’s life on it? Or your friend’s child’s live on it? Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional deaths for children ages 1 to 5 in the USA.

With an annual average of 390 children drowning each year, this is more then one child a day! And an average of 4900 pool and spa related injuries, which had to be hospitalized.

And how many of the owners of these pools, where considering their pool being safe?

Long Island Pool and Spa can rely on two decades of knowledge, ensuring the safety for you and your family. Leave it to our deeply caring and highly trained Safety technicians to foresee the safety issues of your pool, your spa and your perimeter. Safety locks, motion detectors, pool and spa covers, Wi-Fi controlled monitor devices, there are plenty of solutions in our modern society of technology, to create a safe environment.

Only One call away

  • Call our 24/7 Long Island Pool and Spa-service center to schedule an appointment with one of our professional safety technicians. At the scheduled appointment he will then take the time for you to discuss your concerns.
  • Pointing out difficult to foresee safety issues, like circulation entrapments ( these occur when a swimmer by the generated suction of a rushing drain in a pool or spa gets entrapped and finally drowns.
  • The most common victims of circulation entrapments are again young children, who are too weak to fight the current of the water ). Our professional safety technician will walk you through the best possibilities to create a safe and fun, pool and spa environment.