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Lifeguard service for your pool

Lifeguard service for your pool

5 May

Lifeguard service for your pool

Your next pool party is coming?

It’s going to be an epic event. All of your friends are going to come. The DJ is playing your favorite tunes. And of course some drinks.

Or your child’s birthday pool party is happening soon? Heaps of kids running and playing around at the pool, with a lot of laughter and fun chaos.

But, who is going to watch the pool area?

Who will be in charge and responsible later on?

Pool related accidents are now happening faster and more often then many people are aware of. More then 10000 swimming pool related accidents are happening each year, many of the injured in need of being hospitalized. Last year nearly 400 children, between 1 and 4 years old, drowned in the U.S.. Don’t underestimate the chaos, stress and liability at your next pool event.

Hire a professional lifeguard to do this job. Long Island Pool and Spa offers professional Lifeguards for hire. A lifeguard has a professional understanding of safety and first aid.

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Every Lifeguard for hire by Long Island Pool and Spa went through a complete background check and works under a 0 alcohol and drug policy. Being a trained professional for spotting pool and water related safety hazards and certificated in first aid and CPR, makes him the first choice for your swimming pool event. Rendering your pool party into a safe environment for your friends and relieving you from any stress related to it.

Call our 24/7-service hotline to get a quote for hiring a lifeguard. Making sure that your next pool event will be as much fun, without any additional stress, as you imagine it to be.