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Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

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5 May

Outdoor furniture

Creating a beautiful true living space outdoor comes with many options and many headaches.

  • What is the soul purpose of the furniture you need?
  • Is it dinning with your family? Or, relaxing with your friends?
  • Or just reading a book by your self?
  • Which material will really withstand the elements like rain, frost, snow, and sun?
  • Which of the brands are truly holding their warranty promises?
  • Will the delivery be on time?

This three questions are just a few we at Long Island Pool and Spa consider before we recommend any outdoor furniture to any of our customers. In one of the interviews we gave lately we where asked which furniture we would choose for our customers?

The short answer: The word customer derives from custom, which means delivering a specific order for that person. Different, tastes, different budgets, and different expectations come with each customer.

We, at Long Island Pool and Spa have over 20 years of experience, so we can recommend some brands, some models and some materials. And we certainly can tell which outdoor furniture not to consider. You get what you paid for; with powder coated steal often the most expensive but also being the longest lasting material. And plastic, being the shortest lasting but cheapest material. In the end every request, every single consulting is a custom job for our customer.

Our 24/7 professional service hotline team will answer your questions and can arrange an appointment with one of our skilled employees. Just give us a call.