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Pool and spa pump installation, service and repair

Pool and spa pump installation, service and repair

Pool pump
5 May

Pool and spa pump installation, service and repair

  • Your pool or spa pump is one of the 4 major elements in your system. The pool pump is designed to cooperate with your filter system. To ensure a healthy pool, the whole amount of water has to be pumped through your filter in eight to ten hours per day, this is a tremendous amount of ongoing work often exceeding 30000 gallons per day.
  • Many points have to be considered for a good pool pump system, such as: energy efficiency, purchasing cost, warranty, etc. At Long Island Pool and Spa we offer an excellent and complete service of pool pump systems. In order to stay in touch with the newest and best products on the aquatic market, annually we are testing new pool pump systems and spa pump systems,

All our pool technicians are highly trained, certificated and insured. Just give our 24/7-service hotline a call and we take care of your needs.

New pool and spa pump installation

Perhaps you installed a new pool or a new spa? Or perhaps your old pool pump needs to be replaced? Finding the right pool pump for your pool or spa is a difficult task. There is a huge selection of brands each advertising why they are the “best” and there is always new technology to be considered. Long Island Pool and Spa installed in over two decades, thousands of pool and spa pumps, and with the experience and knowledge we gained, we make sure that you get the pool pump you really do need.

Pool and Spa pump repair

  • Despite your effort of having nice clean water, your pool stays cloudy?
  • Or your pool pump makes strange noises?
  • Or your pool pump doesn’t want to start?

A Pool or Spa pump sometimes just needs a small repair and often the complex pump systems required specific tools to make it difficult for the individual to fix them. We are there to help.

Call our 24/7-service hotline and speak live to one of our technicians to find out what is wrong, or to schedule an appointment.