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Pool closing service

Pool closing service

Swimming pool protected with a blue tarp, winter
5 May

Pool closing service

As the summer season comes to a close, at Long Island Pool and Spa, we are often asked: How to winterize my pool?

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    our vacuum cleaner at work

    Snowy swimming pool stairs in the winter
    Snowy swimming pool stairs in the winter

Long Island Pool and Spa – Our professional, safe and trusted service for closing your pool includes and is not limited to:

  • Lowering your water level
  • Preparing and disassembly of pool equipment like rails, chlorinators, etc.
  • On site removal of your filter
  • Removing of any debris in your pool
  • Blowing out the plumbing lines and equipment
  • Refilling the plumbing lines and equipment with antifreeze
  • Sealing of the plumbing lines which have been winterized
  • Disconnecting any power lines
  • Fitting expansion bottles into your skimmers
  • Fitting the winter cover over your pool
  • Checking the anchors for your winter cover

Planning on being at home

You should plan of being at home if this is the 1st time we are closing your pool. This ensures communication and questions you might have, and guarantees the best possible service we can provide to you.