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Pool cover installation and repair

Pool cover installation and repair

Pool cover
5 May

Pool cover installation and repair

  • An uncovered swimming pool or poorly covered swimming pool is a death trap, especially during wintertime. Cheap plastic tarps, hold in place by water bags, are eluding. They appear safe to children and wildlife, just to collapse under them while entrapping them. Nationwide each year, about 400 children drown in swimming pools. This is more than one child per day.
  • A safety cover, professional installed, eliminates this risk to near zero. Also your pool opening and closing gets way faster and cleaner. No water accumulates on the cover, its fine and strong mesh, allows the water to pass through while the debris stays on top of the cover. No heavy, time-consuming maintenance when you open your swimming pool or you close it for wintertime.
  • Long Island Pool and Spa offers a variety of safety pool covers. From standard rectangular pool covers to custom curved pool covers. Our professional, certified and insured pool technicians will install each pool cover neat and safe.

Call our 24/7-service hotline to get a quote by today.

Safety pool cover

  • Safe for people and wildlife to avoid drowning
  • mesh construction, allowing water to pass through
  • lightweight, easy to handle
  • brass anchors flush with the surface when not in use
  • stainless steel springs
  • any kind of shape for any kind of pool
  • faster pool opening in spring

Pool cover repairs

If you already have a good safety pool cover and it just needs a minor repair or cleaning, or you need a storage solution for it, just call our 24/7-service hotline and we take care about your needs.