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Pool filter replacement, installation and repair

Pool filter replacement, installation and repair

Swimming pool filter and technical view of the filter installed.
5 May

Pool filter replacement, installation and repair

A pool and spa filter is one of the most important components of your pool and spa. The filter system is exposed to heavy usage because often thousands of gallons of water pass through per day while it filters debris and organisms out of the water.

Long Island Pool and Spa has become a leader in the aquatic industry in New York. Our team has decades of experience replacing pool filters, installing pool filters and repairing pool filters. Our pool technicians are also experts in explaining different options of pool filters to you and making recommendations depending on your needs.

Pool and Spa filter installation and replacement

  • There are many ways you can tell it may be time to replace your pool filter. Sometimes you will notice hairline cracks in the pool filter housing due to uv-exposure. Or you may find that the pool water stays cloudy and murky, even after cleaning your filter. Or if you hear shaving noises which come from worn down bearings. Give us a call if you notice any of these occurrences.
  • Swimming pool filter and spa filter installations should only be performed by trained, certificated and insured pool technicians. Installing utilities, which work with high pressure of water, electricity and chemicals is work for professionals. Often your insurance will not cover any damages if professionals did not install these utilities.
  • Long Island Pool and Spa pool technicians are certificated, insured and reliable. We also offer our customers a 24/7-service hotline, in case of emergencies, or even for simple questions.

Pool and Spa filter repair and maintenance

  • Long Island Pool and Spa also offers pool filter maintenance, pool filter cleaning and pool filter repair. Cleaning and maintaining your filter on a regular basis is highly recommended. It is vital to make sure your filter runs efficiently and filters out debris and organisms.
  • While cleaning and maintaining, our qualified technician has the opportunity, to spot and replace, worn down parts like cartridges, O-rings, grids, etc. Thus enhancing the lifetime of your pool and spa filter.

Give our 24/7-service hotline a call and schedule an inspection for your pool filter.