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Pool Liner installation

Pool Liner installation

5 May

Pool Liner installation

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We know how stressful it can be when you notice your pool liner may need replacement. Perhaps you noticed that your old liner is leaking, or the color has bleached out and looks uninviting, or that it is separating from the pool wall? It’s a big undertaking to have to replace a pool liner and it is even a bigger undertaking to find a pool company you can rely on to do this work. At Long Island Pool and Spa we have been installing and replacing pool liners for over 20 years. We offer a wide variety of patterns and thicknesses for you to choose from. Our professional, safe and trusted pool technicians work swiftly and thoroughly ensuring that your pool looks and functions as it should.

Long Island Pool and Spa pool liner replacement service

  • We give you a free detailed quote at our 24/7 service call center
  • We inspect your pool and discuss with you all elements of the job
  • Once contracted, we measure your pool for your custom fitted liner
  • We drain your pool
  • We remove your old liner
  • We install protective liner insulation foam
  • We Re-trowel your pool
  • We install your new liner
  • We apply our special vacuum to remove all wrinkles
  • We refill your pool

All Liners that are installed by us are solely manufactured and produced in the United States. They come with a minimum 20 years warranty. Our employees are skilled, trained, certificated and insured pool technicians, using high-end industry tools to get the job done in a professional, safe and trusted way.