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Spa, Hot tub and endless swimming pool installation

Spa, Hot tub and endless swimming pool installation

5 May

Spa, Hot tub and endless swimming pool installation

There are plenty of reasons to have your own hot tub or endless swimming pool.

  • Always wanted to chill out in the evening with a glass of wine in your own hot tub?
  • Or go for an endless swim in your backyard, but your swimming pool is too small?

Long Island Pool and Spa is your perfect partner to handle your commercial or residential spa or endless swimming pool project, from start to finish. Whether you want to remodel your outdated hot tub, install a brand new system in your basement or construct a hydrotherapy pool for your mother, you need a professional, safe and trusted company to recommend and install the system, which fits your plan.

Installing, remodeling and servicing Spas and endless pools for over 20 years gives Long Island Pool and Spa the experience you deserve and expect. Our pool technicians are skilled professionals, designated to make dreams come true. We also guaranty an on-time and on-budget completion, with highest-quality materials.

Give our 24/7-service hotline a call to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists and learn how your dreams can become reality.

Spa, Hot tub and endless swimming pool service

Your Hot tub isn’t heating up properly, your endless pool is not generating enough current or your Spa is leaking?

With over two decades of experience with Spas, Hot tubs and endless swimming pools we at Long Island Pool and Spa saw it all, and always managed to provide a solution. Our pool and spa technicians are skilled and insured professionals, attending your problems at scheduled appointments or at 24/7 emergencies.

Call us on our 24/7-service hotline and we take care about your needs.