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Swimming Pool diving boards installation and service

Swimming Pool diving boards installation and service

Jumping board
5 May

Swimming Pool diving boards installation and service

A diving board in your in ground swimming pool is an object of endless joy. We all remember when we where young and couldn’t wait for summer to come. The first thing we did when summer finally arrived was jumping in our parents, or friends swimming pool.

  • Preferable from a diving board. The laughter of these moments is still with us. And even nowadays, with owning a pool, jumping in it, on a beautiful day from a diving board, is one of these indescribable priceless moments. Advanced production techniques and advanced materials, are making todays diving boards way better and safe than the ones from our past.
  • The days of splitting, toppling over and sliding on them are long gone. Newest diving boards even often having a dual purpose, as a diving board and a waterfall feature. Which swimming pool is applicable for which diving board, where and how to install the diving board, which brand and model to choose? These are all questions we are handling on a daily basis.

Long Island Pool and Spa has over 20 years of experience in the aquatic industry. Whether consulting pool owners about the technical questions they are having with their swimming pool and diving boards, or installing and servicing swimming pool diving boards. The experience we are having and our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Call today our 24/7-service hotline to find out if your swimming pool is suitable for a diving board, and we install your childhood memory in your very own swimming pool.