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Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming Pool Fence

Pool fencing
5 May

Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pool fences have dramatically evolved during the twenty years with more emphasis been given to the safety aspect of a fence. Outdated fences often missing Self-latching and childproof gates, break and bend proof posts, non-climb panels, etc.

Last year, in the USA alone, 394 children drowned in privately owned swimming pools. Not one single owner of one of these swimming pools considered their pool as unsafe.

  • The different kind of swimming pool fences we at Long Island Pool and Spa install and recommend, have all been rigorously tested by us. Different brands sending us their products every year, with promises of high profit margins and combined with great sales.

Ignoring the profit and sales proposals these brands are handing over to our company, each year we take our time, installing their products on our company property, and test them at the highest standards.

  • It is frightening how many products we are sending back because they are just failing real life testing . The safety of you, your kids, your family and your friends is of the outmost importance to us! Nothing else, and we mean nothing else, is more important at Long Island Pool and Spa.
  • Which of these save fences then to choose? There are plenty of materials, shapes and colors. Be it classic wooden style, modern PVC, or epoxy-aluminum compounds. The best decision for the right choice can only be made at your pool.

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