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UV filter installation and replacement

UV filter installation and replacement

5 May

UV filter installation and replacement

Chlorine and other chemicals can be very irritating in your swimming pool. Making it less enjoyable than it should be for your family and friends. Especially children’s eyes and skins suffering the most from chloramines and other chemicals in your swimming pool.

A UV filter reduces microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and algae by nearly 99%. And in the same time your pool needs up to 90% less chlorine and other harmful chemicals. The quality of your pool water can become better than your tap water.

  • Creating a way more healthy and pure environment. No more irritated red eyes, no more irritated skin, no chlorine smell. A UV filter relies on its special wavelength light. Your water pump flushes the water through the UV filter. Inside the UV filter is a special designed UV chamber where micro organisms are being neutered with UV rays, therefore are incapable to reproduce, and being filtered out. No UV rays are passing the chamber walls, making it a total safe system. Without altering the water chemistry of your pool at all.
  • Long Island Pool and Spa has years of experience installing and replacing UV pool filters. All our technicians are highly trained, certificated and insured to professionally install, replace and recommend UV pool filter systems of any brand. The installation of a UV system is the best way to reduce significantly amounts of hazardous chemicals in your pool, while creating a way more sanitized environment for you, your family and your friends.

Give our 24/7-service hotline a call and find out how easy your pool can become tap water clean with a UV filter system.