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Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service

5 May

Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool service

Weekly pool service is one of the many services we provide at Long Island Pool & Spa to private pool owners as well as to commercial pools.

We understand that the time to enjoy the serenity of your pool or spa is limited and we do not want you to have to waste this precious time with the constant maintenance that is required to keep a pool sparkling and pristine. Leave all of the errands to the pool retail shop, the water chemistry, and the cleaning of your pool to us. We will make certain that your pool time is an enjoyable time for you and your family.

What do you do if your pool water is murky? Or your eyes or skin are irritated after swimming? What about water bugs? Or algae build-up?

These are just some of the many questions pool owners face. You can erase any worries that come with having a pool by using our weekly service. Our safe and trusted technicians know the multitude of components to consider in order to keep your pool clean and safe. For example, the body of water within a pool or spa must be well balanced in order for it to remain pristine and healthy. Things such as Ph levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and many other types of chemicals and treatments have to be looked after as well as the physical labor involved in keeping your pool immaculate. Let us take care of this and you can simply enjoy all the benefits and rewards of being a pool owner.


  • Skimming the surface with a skimming net to rid the water of any floating leaves, bugs, or other debris.
  • Vacuuming the bottom of your pool to eliminate dirt, sand, and debris.
  • Brushing the walls of your pool to keep algae from forming and the water crystal clean.
  • Cleaning and maintaining pumps and filters.
    The combination of water, electricity and chemicals is a dangerous and difficult job. Our technicians are trained and certificated to handle any possible situation.

Long Island Pool & Spa weekly pool service ensures you a 100% maintenance Report guarantee

Pool Maintenance reports are an important record of the work performed at your swimming pool or spa. If you ever find that a pool maintenance report is not filled out at a scheduled cleaning visit, please contact us right away. We will dispatch someone from our office to verify your report promptly and issue a full refund for service visits that are not documented.

removing leaves and debris before they stain your pool
Our technicians will skim the surface to remove leaves and other debris.

Water testing
By signing up for our weekly pool service package, we will:

  1. Test your pool water and provide and apply pool minerals and chemicals to keep your pool water in optimum condition
  2. Verify your pool filter operation
  3. Vacuum your pool
  4. Skim your pool
  5. Check your pool equipment
  6. Keep your water healthy and treat algae issues
  7. Help you monitor your pool by reporting any observations of swimming pool issues
  8. Empty your pool skimmers and pump baskets
  9. Backwash your filter on a regular basis
  10. Clean your pool filter
  11. Brush your pool wall screen

Long Islands Pool & Spa weekly pool service provides professional, safe and trusted service. There will always be a uniformed professional technician, in a marked company vehicle, at the scheduled time, at your home to ensure your pool is safe and crystal clean.